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The Right Marketing Strategy

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Who is your target customer? Are you utilizing the correct market approach? Where is your product in its life cycle – sales slumping, on the way down? How can you improve on the marketing? What is being done versus what should be done for the right target market?

I find myself continuously evaluating opportunities to improve other companies and their marketing approach: improve the design of a logo, visualize a new website, create brand recognition, improve the tagline, create a mission statement, where to advertise for free, which hashtags to use . . . I have created many new websites and promoted them via social media on a shoestring budget.

Are you in need of social promo?

Prepare to be recognized.

An Unprecedented Spring, Worldwide

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While it may not be Springtime everywhere in the World, it sure came “in like a lion” here in Eastern Washington. Does that explain all the whacky odd events occurring Worldwide? Hardly. It’s more like a full moon syndrome or global warming, don’t you think? Or more likely…it’s a “power struggle.”

I am in awe of how – over yonder – a country has been seized like in a board game! This is like shtuff I studied in grade school history! Is history repeating itself?

I must say it’s crazy watching the US and Russia play Battleship. I’m starting to think one of the player’s didn’t have this game as a child, and the other grew up cheating at the game.

In other news: How does an airplane disappear for WEEKS while the media scrambles to find “experts” to explain it? No one could have predicted that the airplane would still be missing after this long. Technology is apparently not as advanced as we’ve been told it was.

Anyone else feel like there’s a whole lot of cover-up going on in the World?

Efficiently Lazy

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The internet may have improved the speed with which we gain access to information about anything, but hasn’t it also enabled us to be lazy writers? Our spelling has taken a backseat on the information superhighway. We are quick to type and post without checking the spelling. I have to put in an apostrophe, a comma or other punctuation. I have to spell out my words; it’s difficult for me to abbreviate them. I worry about what the recipient will think if it isn’t properly spelled out, or that they won’t understand what I am trying to say. Is that my age coming through? Because it appears that younger folks are more prone to abbreviating. Or maybe it’s that I can’t keep up because I am backspacing to insert punctuation.



Does this happen to you? I have ideas pop into my head ALL the TIME. When I am walking with my dogs or driving to work; while watching TV or surfing the web; or sitting in a waiting room… ALL the TIME. My mind continuously searches for the next great idea. You know – the next Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram equivalent of a dot-com concept. Am I ONLY one with a wild imagination that goes 100 miles an hour?


At least my dogs act interested when I ramble about my ideas!


Winter chores make this dream a reality

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5:15 AM – that’s when the daily routine begins. “Barn chores.” Something I have dreamed of doing my whole life. In just the few short months that I’ve been here, it feels like this has always been my daily routine. I don’t know why I waited so long. Yes, it’s hard work, but oh, so rewarding!

  • Feed the dogs
  • Climb into boots and trudge to the barn
  • Feed the horses
  • Trudge back to the house and remove the boots
  • Make the first cup of coffee
  • Later in the day, climb back into boots and trudge to the barn
  • Clean the corral. Brush the horses. Prep for the next feeding.
  • Trudge back to the house

Life is truly good!

5 Rules of Business I Learned From My Dogs

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1. Don’t worry, be happy.
2. When you score a win in business, celebrate like someone left the gate open.
3. Forgive and forget.
4. Be honest. Your expression will give you away, anyhow.
5. Sometimes you gotta act like your bite is worse than your bark. Grrrr.


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