Why do I need fresh content for my online media?

I have learned through experience that when a real estate listing has been on the market for over 30 days with no offers, it is considered a “stale” listing. It takes marketing expertise to keep the listing appealing, buyers interested and sellers satisfied.

The same concept applies to your company blog, Twitter and other online media. If you don’t refresh your content – from your website to your Facebook Page – it becomes “stale.” Subscribers start dropping off and click rates slow down. People constantly seek fresh information online, or they will keep surfing until they find it. That’s why it’s important to keep your data from drying out.

Mortgage Fraud: Advice from a Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate market is in an upswing trend. We are starting to see multiple offers, full price or above asking prices, and quick closings. What happens in this type of market is that buyers have to make on-the-spot decisions if they want the property they are interested in. This leaves the possibility wide open for mortgage fraud.

Don’t get caught up in it this go around. I am sharing my Yahoo! Published Article on Mortgage Fraud that I wrote in a previous hot Real Estate market, because it is relevant now and it will educate you going into this new market trend.

Hashtag THIS

20130210-093821.jpgI have just one question for the Blogosphere today:

Exactly when did the “pound sign” revert to being called the “hashtag?”

I realize Twitter is responsible for this paradigm shift, but now I’m confused. Are all those companies out there going to redo their automated telephone menus? Because I’m supposed to enter my account number, and then press the “pound key” not the “hashtag.”

Okay, that was two questions…I apologize.

Thanks, I’m better now! -love, Winnie


Here is the latest update on my Schnauzer Baby:

Originally posted on Schnauzer Dog Blog:


Hi all! Mama said you were concerned about me, so I wanted to let you know I’m stabilized on my insulin & new special diet. The bladder stones are gone, the stitches out, and Mama & Daddy will spend $70 a month from now on for my new kibble. No more carrots or doggie treats, but that’s ok. I’m back to running around all happy and goofy on the farm, but still shy about having my picture taken. I’m even barking at my shadow again – Mama hasn’t heard me bark much through the illness, so she seems happy about that. See how Schnauzer-esque I am?
Thanks for stopping by!

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Winnie’s New Donut

Originally posted on Schnauzer Dog Blog:

Winnie went to his vet check today, as a follow-up to his ER visit last night. They took pity on our duct tape modification of the cone collar (photo #2), and gave him an inflatable collar (photo #1). Can you hear him snoring? Now he is actually getting the rest he needs to heal! (Secretly, I think one of these would be comfy for my own neck!) The vet said he will be fine, the stitches seeping is normal, and it will do this for 3-5 more days. As long as he is peeing (and he is), he should be fine. We go back in 4 days for a recheck.



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